Overcome Fear. Take Steps Forward.

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Quit dreaming and start living out your true purpose!

It’s time to take back your life, and pursue your dreams with a foolproof plan that will propel you on the path to freedom!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

You have a list of dreams but an even larger list of “to do’s” and left with the feeling that you won’t fulfill those dreams?

It’s hard when the pressures of our everyday life overwhelm us from finding fulfillment to living out our purpose. You can change that today.

Struggling to make sense of what your life purpose is?

We all have a purpose. It’s important we believe in it as much as God believes it for us. Find your purpose and walk it out.

Frustrated by a constant feeling of being stuck.

You know that feeling. Complacency becomes the norm, and it feels like there is nothing more than just trying to do life. You were not meant to live like that and you don’t have to. It doesn’t matter where you are.

Unable to reach goals that you have set out?

Goal setting never worked for me either. A new way to look at it- start small and finish well. It breaks the traditional mode of goal settings and sets you up for success.

You are allowing fear to stop you from moving forward?

Feeling fear is not wrong. It’s an emotion we will all encounter. It can be good for us- it causes us to reevaluate. Learn how to overcome it in four important steps.

If you answered ‘Yes” to any of the above. 

You’re in the RIGHT Place.

The truth is….

If we aren’t willing to invest in our purpose nothing will ever change. Our purpose is less about one main pursuit and more about this journey of life. You have the ability and power to live a purposeful life. It is already in you. Let’s see it come out!

It’s time to reclaim your life and create a plan of action!

Join us for this exciting adventure!

Introducing the “Reclaiming Your Life” coaching program!

6 Training Modules

These videos are packed with practical strategies that will transform the way you think, live and plan.

Online Community

You will be part of a community of leaders who are transforming their lives. A place where you will feel encouraged by others, and continue to learn and grow through the wisdom of others!

Tools & Resources

This course comes with both a downloadable workbook and 6 coaching videos that will both empower you to apply what you have learned in the lessons.

What you will learn in this program


Fundamentals Of Goal Setting


Action Oriented Planning


Organize Your Calendar And Priorities


How To Influence And Impact Others


Create A Mission Statement For Your Life


How To Keep The Momentum Going


Courage To Step Into The Unknown


How To Overcome Fears That Hold You Back

Your HOst.

Emily James is an Author, Speaker, Certified Counsellor and Social Worker. She has over 10 years of experience working with nonprofits, churches, ministries, and community organizations developing, and implementing life skills workshops, mentorship programs, and leadership trainings.

Along with leading Multipliers Leadership, an organization founded on the desire to see this generation passionately pursue their purpose, and become effective leaders in their sphere of influence. 

Emily’s book, “Get Over It, Overcoming Obstacles and Living God’s Purpose”, empowers individuals to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges, and learn how to move forward in faith, living each day victoriously. You can find a copy on Amazon!

Emily James

Course Outline

Module 1:

Dream Big

In this module we set the tone for the remainder of the course. Establishing from the beginning key areas that will not only help you dream big dreams but will set you up to see them through!  If you put these foundational steps in place you are well on your way to living your purpose!

Module 2:

Make a Surrendered Plan

This is not your traditional training on planning! In this module, you will understand the importance of a surrendered plan and what that looks like to plan responsibly, but leave room for God to do what He does best- guide and lead our steps!

Module 3:

The 4 P’s

In this module, we go through a fundamental process of discovering what it is were created for! The four P’s will walk us through discovering how we have been created, how our experiences have shaped us, and how we can use these four P’s to live out our God given purpose.

Module 4:

Life Mission Statement

Businesses have them so that they can lead out of purpose and vision and yet as individuals we rarely if ever develop a mission statement for our life! This module will guide you through the process of creating a mission statement that leads your life choices and direction! There are five elements we discuss that assist in the development of an effective life mission statement!

Module 5:

Start Small, Finish Well

This module will equip you with strategic tools to start you off on the right foo. You will learn to pace yourself accordingly, and develop a calendar and timing that works for your life! First we dream big, then we start small which leads us to finishing well!

Module 6:

Overcome Fear

As you step out and take big leaps of faith you will have to face a lot of fears. This module, will walk you through four truths that will enable you to face the fears, and walk through them in faith!

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